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The Best Way Save Your Strands from Summer Damage

The ever changing weather in Minnesota can wreak havoc on our hair.

Summer is so short, we all need to get out and enjoy every possible minute of it! How can you spend time in the sun, wind and water without destroying the amazing cut and color you just got? The answer is simple, quality at home hair care products. Look at them as the insurance policy on the investment you made on your salon services.

I will introduce you to my favorite section (promise) of the Eufora line for the summer, Aloetherapy. Soothe, calm and replenish your ravaged hair and skin with shampoo/body wash, conditioner, moisture mist, lip balm and body lotion. All of the items in the Aloetherapy promise are made effective by using stem cells from pharmaceutical grade aloe.

Here comes the science behind the key ingredients.​

Aloe Stem Cells to help soothe and calm irritated, dry skin.

Water Lily, a natural moisturizer, provides instant hydration. Contains Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant.

Oat Avenanthramides: A concentrated fraction from colloidal Oatmeal. Scientifically proven to reduce redness and itch to soothe and relieve dry skin.

This promise is simple, universal and multipurpose making it great for the whole family. I will break down all of the Aloetherapy products and their uses.



Gentle cleansing for hair and body to calm and soothe sensitive skin and scalp. Hair is left feeling soft, light and purified. Great as a body wash as well, skin feels clean and moisturized. As the foundation of the promise, this cleanser is made with the 3 key Aloetherapy ingredients.



Gentle daily conditioner that re-balances moisture and keeps hair soft. Calms and soothes the scalp while leaving hair feeling soft and revitalized. Brassica Flower and Radish Seed provide excellent conditioning and shine benefits.



This is my summer must have product! A versatile leave-on mist that delivers instant moisturization and hydration from head to toe. It helps to soothe and calm many scalp and skin irritations. Perfect for after-sun soothing. Panthenol gives moisture, strength and shine while the Tri-Sugar Blend, delivers moisture deep into the hair shaft, strengthens and protects hair fiber against future moisture loss. This is the answer for amazing hair and skin all summer long.



A non-greasy, deep penetrating and replenishing botanical moisturizer delivers advanced nutrients to promote the healing of many skin conditions. Vitamin A, C, D & E complex provides increased skin elasticity, improves circulation and cell growth.



Don't forget about your lips, even with the best hair and skin in town there is nothing pretty about dry peeling lips. Daily moisturizer for the lips. Seals in moisture while keeping lips soft and supple. Soothes and protects lips while providing intense hydration. Panthenol and Glycerin attracts moisturize leaving lips soft and conditioned, beeswax helps seal in that moisture. It helps keep lips looking young with super antioxidant vitamin E and menthol works to stimulate circulation to create suppleness.

Hydrated hair and skin keeps you looking young and feeling great about your appearance. Get started with a Aloetherapy regimen kit. It is your summer beauty survival kit, containing hair and body cleanse, soothing conditioner, moisture mist and lip moisturizer.

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