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The Modern Man

Men’s hair has been taken to a whole new stylish place in the last several years.

The days of a #2 guard on the sides and a #4 on the top are over. Today's man has so many options from a tight fade with a hard part to long but still well kept and everything in between. It matters to the modern man how he looks, how he represents himself and that is why for many men they need a skilled and well trained stylist. The inconsistencies of the in and out salon just won’t cut it anymore and why should they?

Here are the top five reasons men belong in higher end salons:


#1: Quality

A good haircut isn’t cheap and a cheap haircut isn’t good. It’s a funny little saying but it holds some truth. When men visit a salon that charges a bit more and takes a little more time, they are paying for not only the time they are in the chair but all the time the stylist has spent getting education. Learning how to deal with hair growth patterns, cowlicks, face shapes, hair density and proper blending. With all this training and a few extra minutes, the guys will get a cut customized to them and look their best.


#2: Customer Service

Life is crazy, it can be downright stressful most days. Everything is so rushed. The customer experience in a full service salon is different than what most men are used to. We give you 30-45 minutes that are all yours. You get to slow down, relax and just sit. Full service salons generally include a shampoo/conditioning service, scalp massage, final rinse and styling to go along with their men’s cuts. Complimentary neck and fringe touch ups between cuts round out the list of exceptional customer service standards offered at salons. This luxury really sets us apart, why would any man want to give that up once they try it.


#3: Other Available Services

With workplaces becoming more competitive and the appearance of youth being of such a high value in our society today men are trying to look the part. That is where the full service salon come in. We offer more than just haircuts. We have color available that is made specifically for men. It blends grey as opposed to covering it like shoe polish and fades off avoiding a hard outgrowth line. It is also formulated to match with men’s hair tones by eliminating warm undertones that most men don’t have. Another set of services that can benefit men, especially those who wear their hair longer are smoothing treatments and deep conditioning treatments to keep to keep hair frizz free and healthy. We can also address the issues with facial hair. We offer beard and moustache grooming along with a haircut, eyebrow waxing can be added on as well.


#4: Professional Products

From the consultation until a guest is gone professional stylist listens to their needs and concerns about their hair. They have some of the best products available to compliment a man’s custom cut. This makes the finished service look amazing and easy to recreate at home. The stylist will tell you what they are using, why they are using it and how it is being used every step of the way. We take the guesswork out of looking great everyday with at home hair care and guest education on the products.


#5: Convenience and Comfort

A big point of difference in full service salons is appointment scheduling. We take appointments, no waiting around for the next available staff member. Men’s cuts usually need to be done every 4 weeks. Stylists are able to book appointments ahead assuring the best time for the client and keeping them looking on point by being on a regular schedule. Also the guest will know what stylist they will be seeing, and can build a relationship with that person. The stylist will get to know the man’s hair, likes and dislikes. They will then be able to make the best possible recommendations for adjustments in the cut or proper at home care.


It’s Time Guys

This list could go on and on about why men would want to try a full service salon. The five reasons above are just a showcase of how modern salons are meeting the needs of today's man. So with that being said... Welcome, gentlemen. Welcome, to our salon. We’re very glad to have you.


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